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Life coach and Human Design Guide.

Human Design takes us on a journey we had long wanted to take, but we didn’t know how.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of modern genetics and ancient knowledge. It shows us our unique genetic code, and therefore our potential, our abilities, inner strength, and talents.

According to our energy type HD gives us a strategy that helps us make decisions based on our through nature. It shows us exactly what is holding us back from the life we really want to live.

According to HD, there are four energy types of people and one subtype. The most numerous is generators, they make up to 70 % of the population, Projectors 20%, Manifestators 8 % and Reflectors 1 %. HD helps us to understand how we communicate with other people through our energy field, how we influence each other, and the whole dynamic between people that begin before verbal communication.

Human Design takes us on a journey we’ve long wanted to take, but we didn’t know how.

What is BodyGraph?

Human Design Chart called the BodyGraph, is visual representation of Human Design Chart.

The BodyGraph and these characteristics together are what Ra Uru Hu called ”concrete map to the nature of being".

BODYGRAPH is unique to each person and consists of multiple elements:

STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY - there are 7, particular ways of making decisions that help us connect with the inner intelligence of our unique genetic code that will lead us to the things we genuinely love to do, the places and people we will benefit most from. The way we connect with our purpose in this life.

CENTERS - there are 9 of them, they represent specific experiences we go through, our wisdom, conditions, and tendency to make decisions that are not good for us, possibly addictions and solutions, our emotions and fears.

ENERGY TYPE - there are 5 of them, which render us an insight into our energy field and the best way to communicate with other people.

PROFILE - there are 12, this helps us to better understand ourselves and the way we operate, a tool that will help us become more efficient and satisfied.

CHANNELS - there are 36, they show us our full power capability.

DOORS - there are 64 of them, they show us our potential.

INCARNATION CROSS - the path we take through this life and thus become aware of its purpose.

These elements are merely some of the components of BodyGraph.

Why Human Design?

Invite you to experiment, not blindly believe, through which you will decide for yourself whether you benefit from HD system or not.

It will teach you how to generate a lot more energy and use it in accordance with your nature.

Probably the most important: it will give you a tool to help you to make a decision in any situation, which will result in avoiding potential dissatisfaction, anger and frustration.

It teaches us how to develop healthy relationships, business or intimate.

It will introduce you to the mechanics behind making decisions that are potentially not good for you and the way you can change that.

It will open opportunities that you were not aware of.

You will discover that you are unique and as such a valuable and irreplaceable part of the community, with your role in it, which you will discover through HD, because of your gifts, talents, strengths, and your purpose in this life.

When you start using the tools offered by HD, you will inevitably attract people, places and circumstances that are best for your growth and therefore your well - being.

You will begin to live the life that was meant for you from beginning, with much more pleasure, peace, and abundance.


Personal Energy Map Overview

Reading a human design map begins with calculating your personal design using the date, time, and place of birth. The result is a graphic called BodyGraph that contains all the information needed for the first step toward understanding your unique energy map.

The chart provides you with a simple mechanic of strategy and authority which leads you to experiment in order to discover and live your individual and differentiated nature.

Duration: 90 min

Price: 175 €

Human Design Coaching

After reading the personal energy card I take you into the experience of living with Human Design. With my expert guidance, you will begin to use a new way of making decisions, according to your unique energetic code that reveals the optimal way to use the energy available to you.

When we make decisions in the right way, for us, we get closer to our essence, the way we live becomes a goal and the path is exciting and full of surprises.

Duration per agreement.

Price: from 2,500 to 75,000 €

Human Design for Business

For those who face many challenges in the business world with the understanding that the human factors are the most important for a successful business.

We are all completely different and HD gives us precise insight into the way an individual function, his greatest creativity, and potential.

HD helps individuals find their optimal place in the work world and helps small businesses improve their business and work team efficiency.

Duration and price per agreement.

Human Design Academy

Human Design Basic. Join us for 8 weeks online workshop. Upon completion of the education, you will receive a certificate of completion from the certified LYDG, Tamara Carević, a member of the official organization for education: International Human Design School.

Through this training you will deepen your understanding of Human Design, we will use the energy charts of the course participants and clarify on personal examples what it means to live your design. The course will take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Duration: 8 weeks for 2 hours per week

Price: 475 €

Unlock Your Human Design

In short, find out the most important things about your Human Design chart, what type you are (Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors), your authority & strategy for correct decision making.

Duration: 15 min.

Price 30 €

Learn more

Lectures, seminars and trainings.

Duration and price per agreement.

Gift certificate

Cheer up your loved ones with a gift for any occasion.

The price of the Voucher depends on the type of Service.



Human Design certificate:

Lynette Hagins - IHDS School Administrator, International Human Design School 

About me

Welcome to Human Design by Tamara. I am a life coach, Technology of human field teacher, therapist, and Human Design Guide.  

I grew up in Zaprešić, a small town near Zagreb, Croatia. In my early twenties, I noticed a desire to travel and a great curiosity about the life of other people, which took me on a long journey and life in various cities on several continents. I am deeply passionate about exploring the “how” and “why” of human nature. My desire to understand our bodies and brains has led me to some of the most famous schools around the world that specialize in the field.  

My journey of self-discovery started while I was living in the Netherlands and attended the KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. After years of practicing and teaching, I took my studies overseas and attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the United States. 

When I began to work with people, holding workshops and training sessions, I noticed how much I truly loved helping others find their path and change their lives. When I first came across Human Design, the science of differentiation, it immediately stood out to me as the path I wanted to take in my own life. Human Design has helped me to go even deeper in understanding where one’s personal energy stems from and how to use that energy to make life decisions that will potentially bring more satisfying results on all levels. I also enjoyed working with other forms of therapy like Family Constellation, a system that goes deep into our trans-generational source of trauma, and I occasionally tie some of that knowledge into my primary practice. 

If somebody were to ask me about my life, I would say that it was not the easiest, but one that has proved to be worthwhile. I am here to get deeply involved in this physical world, learn through trial and error, see beyond, and help others find inner values that have nothing to do with their identity created over the years. 

After 20 years, I returned to Croatia and began to share my life, experience, knowledge, and love with the people closest to my heart. I turned my passion into a career and am grateful for the opportunity to help others discover their true selves. Because education is so important to my growth, I am currently studying PsychoEnergetics, a body-mind approach to depth & process facilitation in Spain.  

EDUCATION: Barbara Ann Brennan School of Healing US, bachelor of science degree, Brennan science practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher International, NL; Kundalini yoga teacher, International Human Design School, US; Living your Design Guide, Access Consciousness, SE; Access Bars & Foundation, Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett; Science and Art of Transformation US, Fundamentals & Mastery, PSEN PsychoEnergetics, ESP; Body - Mind process Facilitator, the fourth year of study.

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